Why hire us?

Wedding Films

Cinematography is one of the most complicated art forms to master; we weave together story, sound and moving pictures to impact the senses and emotions.When you watch a major motion picture you are being entertained by master-craftsmen and production studios who spent a near fortune to produce these films. In your wedding film we are the master-craftsmen, shaping it to your story, details, sounds and backgrounds. Creating an epic and visual masterpiece of your event, at standards that rival major motion picture studios.

Why hire us? Not just your ordinary wedding video experience: We have been in business for 20 years, we have built our success in producing creative and unique wedding films that are  different from all the rest.. Each wedding film is designed to suit your style.

Hand 2 Eye Photo + Cinema is widely considered one of the top wedding and event cinematographers in Southern Ontario. Sam and his team document weddings  with a creative approach. We understand that creativity can only flourish in an atmosphere of experimentation, risk taking, playfulness,curiosity and a sense of adventure. Were always willing to try new ideas and new techniques. Sam is truly passionate about his craft and always looks forward to handcrafting beautiful wedding films for his clients. The style of work varies and can be filmed in a variety of ways. On the day of filming we can be unobtrusive (as we are looking for natural-candid/ raw emotions), or we can direct and have fun. We always use our best judgement and film within your comfort level.